Neil Fortune, (b. 1983 Georgetown Guyana) Is known for his distinctive approach and application of material, such as textiles to create sculptural objects. That demonstrates the ability to transform, simultaneously communicate and withhold from their meaning.  Fortune began his formative years at the Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Suriname, where he received training as a painter. He later moved to Amsterdam to study fine arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, earning his B.A. in the arts. Neil Fortune’s artistic range includes sculpture, drawing, painting, and architectural intervention, with a strong social aspect. He focuses on exploring the possibilities of materials and how they tell stories and shape our imaginations. His work aims to create tangible experiences through bright colors bridging the allure between natural and artificial shiny, shimmering objects. A notable feature of his recent project is a collection of personal stories titled ‘Traces of a Conversation.’ These stories are obtained through conversations and interactions with people from diverse communities. Redefining boundaries and historical normatives. In doing so, he applies his frameworks and ground rules to question and broaden existing conventions. Fortune’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions at various institutions, such as M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp) in ‘Lonely at the Top: State of L3,’ TENT Rotterdam in ‘Paramaribo Perspectives,’ and Kunst Museum Den Haag Annual Salon Show. His solo exhibition, ‘Distorted Reality,’ was exhibited in the Polar Room at W139 in Amsterdam. In 2017, his work was nominated as the winner at the annual Summer Show hosted at Nieuw Dakota and Francis Boeske Projects in Amsterdam. International, his work has gained recognition, with exhibitions at Gray Contemporary in Houston, Texas, USA. Neil Fortune has participated in several residency programs at various locations, including Moengo in Suriname, Park Tilburg, Plan B Amsterdam, Ongekend Zeedijk Amsterdam, and recently at Stichting Plaatsmaken in Arnhem. Currently, Neil Fortune is showing works at the Amsterdam Museum the exhibition ‘Collecting The City 4#.



2002-2006                                Nola Hatterman Art Academy Paramaribo 

2007-2011                                Gerrit Rietveld Academy B.A Fine Art, Amsterdam 

                                                  Current teaching Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam

                                                   Invited as a guest instructor at ArtEZ University of the Art, Zwolle, NL

Winner of the Summer Show, Nieuw Dakota + Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam


Solo exhibition

2022                                            Liminality, Summer residency at PARK Tilburg.

2022                                            TRACES OF A CONVERSATION, Residency at PLANB, Amsterdam (NOORD)

2019                                            Colorful Ribs and Guts of Adam,  Gray Contemporary Houston Texas  (USA)​

2018                                            Distorted Reality ​​​W139 polar room, Amsterdam

​2016   ​                                         Friction in The Space Between Gallery 23, Amsterdam

2013      ​                                      What is on the other side of the moon?  Gallery 23, Amsterdam



Group exhibition 

2024                                           Colleting The City 4# Amsterdam Museum,  up until  25- 01 – 2025. 

2023                                           Herbarium At Plaatsmaken Arnhem, Nl

2021                                            ONGEKEND ZEEDIJK currently on view in the etalage at Zeedijk, Amsterdam

2021                                            1e Edition Summer exhibition at Grove Collective London, UK

2021                                            ART ROTTERDAM with Josilda da Conceicao Gallery Amsterdam

2020                                            Soft Art,  1/18 October 2020 SBK KNSM /Loods 6 Amsterdam 

​2019                                            Matter, Gray Contemporary in Houston, TX, US

​2019                                            The Personal is Political, Josilda da Conceicao Gallery,

2018                                            How One Thing Leads to Another,  Josilda da Conceicao Gallery, Amsterdam

2018                                            Dutch Colorist, Dedee Shattuck Gallery in Westport Massachusetts (USA)

​2018 ​                                           Moengo Festival Triennial Tembe fu libi #2, Suriname, Exhibition was supported by Mondriaan Fonds, NL

2018 ​                                           Depth over Distance, VOX-POP Creative space of UVA, Amsterdam

2018                                            The sky is no man’s land, at Adyen (new office building) Amsterdam

2017                                            On Material Space project, Amsterdam

2017 ​                                           Textile Contemporary Manifactogaller, Amsterdam

2017 ​                                           A World Away winners edition Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam

​2017                                            30-Jaar CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam

2016                                            Open Ateliers Nieuw market VOX-POP, Amsterdam

2016 ​                                           Summer  Show Nieuw Dakota + Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam

2015                                            Zuiver Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam

​2015                                            Summershow Nieuw Dakota + Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam

2014                                            Summershow Nieuw Dakota + Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam

2014 ​                                           Tekening op Tafel buiksloter kerk, Amsterdam

2013                                            Light summer expo Gemeente Museum, Den Haag

​2013                                            AMFAD Amsterdam fashion, art & design, Amsterdam

2013                                            Remy Jungerman and Friends, Studio Remy Jungerman, Amsterdam

2012 ​                                           Gallery artist-guest C&H art space, Amsterdam

2011                                            Local Hero, CBK ZUID OOST, Amsterdam

2011                                            Carr-Fortune-Holst VS. Hercules and the TETO PROJECT, Amsterdam

2011                                            Hell and High water at Zeemanshuis, Amsterdam

2010 ​                                           Lonely at the top: Parallel Doors of Perception, M HKA Antwerp

2010                                            Paramaribo Perspectives at TENT, Rotterdam

2010                                            Modernity and Aesthetics of the New Black Atlantic’, Smart Project Space Amsterdam

​2010                                            Exhibition ‘OK’ at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2010                                            Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

2007                                            Roots of migration at Museum Fort Zeelandia,  Paramaribo

Work in ​collections  NL, USA, SR


2021                                            Ongekend Zeedijk

2020                                            Textil Plus

​2016                                            De grote Amsterdamse kalender 

2015                                            I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING UNTIL I FEEL THE NEED, Jaarloze kalender, Amsterdam

2012                                            MISTER MOTLEY, Nr 32 p. 182 – 186

2010                                            Interview NRC Handelsblad -Een nieuwe generatie Surinaamse kunstenaars-

2010                                            Conversation on Paramaribo Perspectives TENT, Rotterdam

​2009                                            Paramaribo SPANG (Hedendaagse beeldende kunst in Suriname )